My Mom And I Received Pedicures In Finneytown OH

My mom had promised me that the two of us would go into get pedicures in Finneytown OH before my wedding day because I wanted to make sure that my toes and my feet looked perfect. I knew that it was important for a bride to pay attention to each aspect of their body, so for me it was crucial to make sure that I literally looked good from my head to my toes. I also loved the idea of having my mom come with me and get a pedicure as well, because she would be great company.

I wasn’t sure what color I was going to be paint my toenails when we first arrived to get our pedicures in Finneytown OH. I was trying to choose between just getting one of my wedding colors painted onto my toenails, or getting some elegant french tipped toenails. After looking at some pictures and foot models, I decided to go with the french tips. I thought that they would be something fun and new for my wedding, and I was really excited to see how they would look once they were all done. My french tipped toes ended up looking perfect, and I was thrilled with they way that they looked on my wedding day.

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